BC Lottery Corporation (BCLC)
Rebrand 100 Best of Awards 2011,
Applied Arts Awards 2012 Best Complete Design Program

Visual language, advertising, annual reports, CSR,
HR branding, HR onboarding, (Benefits of Gaming),
image library, brand video, brand audit, future state
customer journeys, new office vision & design.

BCLC is the governing body that manages lottery, casino, bingo and online gambling on behalf of the Province of British Columbia. The challenge was to building a brand that balances the trust and responsibility of a Crown Corporation with the fun and excitement of gambling entertainment.

The new brand essence of ‘Fair Play’ informed our creative, dialing Fair, or Play, up or down based on the role of the application, the desired audience experience, and the communication objective. Our visual language and the creative expression of ‘Fair Play’ was brought to life with “Fair” being expressed through square form, grounded typography and neutral grays balanced by “Play” conveyed through rounded forms, a vivid colour palette, bold expressions of colour and a fun, energetic, unexpected photography style.

Agency: Cossette
Creative Director: Nick Richards
Design: David Lidiard, Amanda Frose, Andrew MacPhee

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