Caya, Telus
Retail Rebrand, Visual Language

Caya is a mobile/technology store provided by Telus and Blacks that offers hard-to-find and ultra-stylish products and services. Initially built on the concept of providing a retail experience targeted primarily to the LGBT community, after being in the market for six months, it became apparent that the target spanned outside of this core group to include middle-aged women, urban professionals, trendsetters, and tech kids. Caya needed to re-examine their initial brand and positioning to address confusion in the market place regarding the Caya experience and what Caya stands for.

Following an extensive brand audit and brand workshop with key stakeholders, the new brand essence of “inspiring individuality” was developed. Once the brand model was established, we developed a new look and feel for Caya and created a full visual language and extensive advertising campaign

Agency: Cossette
Creative Director: Nick Richards

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