Lumina, Real Estate Masterplan Development
Identity, Visual Language, Environmental Design, Brochure, Signage

Lumina is a masterplan development in Vancouver’s revitalized Brentwood neighbourhood. The developer was looking for a brand that reflected the contrast of urban living on the edge of 13 acres of park. A simple, sophisticated colour palette, a contemporary serif typeface, pattern inspired by forms in nature and a photography style with dappled light, reflections, lens flare, and blurred light help reinforce the Lumina name while connecting back to nature. The overarching brand needed to position Lumina as affordable luxury while allowing for personalization for the different towers.

Full Scope of Work
• Visual identity
• Visual language
• Signage
• Advertising
• Brochure
• Sales collateral
• Presentation centre design

Agency: Will Creative Inc.
Creative Director: Nick Richards

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