Province of Alberta Rebrand
Rebrand 100 Merit Award 2011
Identity, Visual Language, Brand Guidelines, Brandbook, Brand Video, Environmental Design,

In 2008, the Province of Alberta was facing an identity crisis, challenged by conflicting, outdated and negative perceptions both at home and abroad. To retain locals and to attract national and international newcomers, the province needed to be defined beyond Canadian oil and gas and better represent the Alberta of today as a dynamic hub of diversity, technology, culture and creativity.

The new brand promise of “Freedom to Create. Spirit to Achieve,” was translated into a new identity and visual language. A hand crafted identity, along with the use of punctuation as a graphic device to represent the creative expression of the people of Alberta, embodied the brand essence of “People Realizing Possibilities.” A bold and dynamic colour palette took its inspiration from the diversity of the Alberta landscape, while a unique, unexpected and surprising perspective of Alberta was expressed through photography and messaging. To compliment the provincial identity, a new government of Alberta word mark was also created.

The brand roll­out strategy was anchored in the principle of Alberta being an open brand. The Provincial Brand is created by Albertans, for Albertans. We developed an ambassador program, built on the premise of inviting ambassadors to share the Alberta brand, and through varying degrees of strategic, visual and messaging alignments, bring it to life.

Agency: Cossette
Creative Director: Nick Richards

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